Bless For Rest - Dramatical Of Cowboy

let we say ,we hate your girlfriend so much..let me see ,she's not driving you anymore..
let we say more about destruction of your friend sorry we hate your fuckin' bitch..

fuck her arm...broke the heart of your romance ..fulsome !!

you lose from that woman..[ you loser man ] loser from this war ..[ war of her self ]
actually.. we hate if you show the white feather ..
you can shoot all of girl you like..[ it truth ] like a cowboy ,man ..[ in hell ]
why you save her ?? your way clear is not to be fuckin continue ..

listen to us.. wake up..[wake up] wake up ..[ wake up ] to attack back..
we never see you smile ,anymore !!

you walk with your hopeless in the circle of phantom...
get out of fuckin here !!

you're potentially to get much admired..stupid, you're stupid player..
give up your life to human with vagina is so digust..
don't hold everything you have on her hand..

gather to a head for fleeing save your life...don’t put head in the noose...
privileging from her prison...lets got off cheaply...don’t put head in the noose,

anymore...don't go anymore .. for this kind ,of a woman..plop down to bats in the belfry ,of amour...
we call of bullshit...your reason...crestfallen...take leave..bring her down !!

to take a header in the hell, if you want to coming for us !!

oh realize everything its wrong ... wake up to attack back...
you have realize what on we mind...shit ...but you always reiterate ,
to make her in seventh heaven ...

you never listen cannot bring her down...promise...coz we don't need your a reason...
it infuriation...we don't meant to prejudice against you...your still different in action...
we pray for her ,we hear ,in our ears...that she's the only one for you...
let take her away from here ,you will suffer till the end...

no life self esteem ,byebye !! no honor on fuckin game you play !!
just misery ,inanity ,kinda are poetry in emptiness and loneliness...
F.U.C.K ... fuck with your way !!

now we will tell you.. the little already we talk.. for better story..
sorry about that.. we really sorry..friend or your fuckin bitch.. you must to choice ,
( we know ,you know ,you're running through the lies...we've been seen are... )
( you've got suffered with that lies...we can't hold you back )
right now..[ that she just a harm for you ...a litte vagabond who just tried to hold you ]
between us..
[ from the gist that god himself gave to you that litte maggot ahhh ,we hate that fuckin bitch...]
or your bitch..[ just leave her alone and re build your life ]
you must do ,right fuckin' now..[ regret ,some day ,you will ,have nothing in the end ]

i can't afford this anymore...i didn't like the way i life...
destroy my life for what ?? for the girl who hold me and tied me up ??
or the girl who i love ??
there was a differential between the real love and blind love !! what do i do ??
is i stay like this i'll lose my friend and everything one by one.
and i don't wanna that happen !! but i can't leave her !! damn !!
she was the one who had my faith...god tell me what i must doing ?? but is that really okay ??
alright then the only way is to send her soul to the heaven...and she'll happy all the time...
now i've made up my mind ,no one can stop me to do that.
thank's god ,now i can continue my life !!
Metal Pointer Rock On