Rest In Pain - Armistice Of Karma

I try…!!
Give me one more chance, I offer u my faith, if u don’t let me die in here
All thing was wrong, nothing was right, im tired with hope, my fate was lost
Live in real hell, no light shining, I’m miss the way, to fix this karma
(million heaven in my heart) (pure present for your life)
(hope can break down in your heart)
I cant believe the angel will loving me now (2x)
Romance, stand strong, this special price for you
This sin, can talk, will haunting me forever
Now im, begging u, can u stop your torment now?
(sharing story from the sky) a fairy tale (a fairy tale)
God , give me armistice of karma (the tale will never happy end) (2x)
Looking in your blue eyes (million heaven in my heart)
For heaven sake! I feel so hurt! (pure present for your life)
Feel like Im fall from the sky (hope can break down in your heart)
Cant spending night without u (million heaven in my heart)
When the knife in my throat (pure present for your life)
I just want scream your name (hope can break down in your heart)
Metal Pointer Rock On