Forgotten - Homeless Scream

listen up you fuck!
all the stoopid people said that if we're is the X generation
they're all fucking wrong..cuz we're is the 'fuck you' generation

I sit in front of the street
see all the heart feel so sick
construction to crush
they're all just victim of innocence

build the lies suffer production
victim of the dissilusion
drugs fuck
disseminate by social disease
walk wihout a pride

eat from garbage sleep on the street
and try to leave the misery
there is no hope
the dream is gone
the dream just gone
the dream just gone

keep fight 'till suffer
fuckin' destiny
their society
why you feel so sucks you scumfuck

the rich becoming rich
the poor stay decay
what should I say?
what should I say?
should I fuckin' care?
I don't fuckin' care
cuz they don't fuckin' care
I don't fuckin' care
don't care, don't care
so I don't fuckin' care
Metal Pointer Rock On