Forgotten - Coup D'Etat

coup d'etat full of blood
coup d'etat socialism sucks

secret by your mind
we don't know what you fuckin' want
don't hear what they say
the people of hypocrisy

dictator, strangled people
horror, terror to puppet
who don't understand the situation
the situation
they're all blind
they're all blind

all is a fuck
all is a shits
all just lies
just fuck

just hide fearing, crying and dying
just hide fearing, crying, you fucking dying

running to nothing from endless fearing
total destroy and I will run
people in fear they always fear
bullshit country

guilty, free
guilty, are you fucking free?
for humanity?
for humanity?
kill, kill, kill
and dying
just hide fearing crying you fucking dying
just hide, just hide, just hide, dying

coup d'etat
coup d'etat
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