Alone At Last - Classic War Is A Modern War

Now everything has changed
We're finally free
No longer torn in two
No longer afraid of you
No body can tell me what to say
We take the pain all away
But now we are here
In the middle of another war

We raise our flag, they lift their gun
They bombed our land, but not the sun
So build a wall, and then we crawl
And hide until the light comes....

hope has over now....
We are all the losers at the times of war
In the battle field no one wins
Just terror stuck in their heads
No one wins, no one wins, in this modern war

The full moon is rising over
darkness, waiting for the doctors to comeback....
This pain remains coming over night
Behind that wall they scream for
victory, can't tell if this is true or a dream

In this modern war who serves
the truth for heaven sake
They need to know, we will
break free from destruction and bomb

1937, 1939, 1979, 1999 please stop it now!
Metal Pointer Rock On