Danger Ranger - She Says Break Up

Just leave oh girl..Your body language says that
If you stuck stuck stuck with me
If it makes you feel better than ever before

I let you go go go away
Coz you hit me to do do do
You try to catch me wrong In everything I said
Said your not mine

And then she says BREAK UP BREAK UP
I feel like I have to MOVE ON MOVE ON
And I got to MAKE UP MAKE UP
Another girl says CHEER UP CHEER UP 2x

I give up to all the things that I had done
Done it so well
And it’s not fair for me

we permanently broke
feels like a thousand miles away from you
In fact you’re a the queen of the tales

back to *

I can't figure out,how could I let
this happened
I prepared
it more than
I did it before

I know you hate
the word sorry
And I hate the break

I'm afraid that you won’t
call me to wake me up Tomorrow
tomorrow I will be just fine
tomorrow I will be just

And then she says I feel
like I have to And I got to
Another girl says
doo doo doo doo doo doo
Metal Pointer Rock On