Byebye Bunny - Mystery Of Misery (MOM)

It starts every night
it ruins all the signs
it's taking over

The beast that she had inside
are hungry than ever
see it grow

Your beauty
blurs you to see the light
And all I see those things are so disgrace

I see the demons from your eyes
you put those things for your disguise
Oh how pathetic is you life right now girl
Fuck,,for every tears and every lies
your mom would never stop her crys
Oh shit you never cared about her her mind
it was a tragedy
she figured out
that you were a fucking
Whore...she's dying
and tried to kill herself
and then she screams
it's good you even heard her saying

Oh Fuck

Death comes around
and already
took her life
You never had
the chance to say
you love her so much

Let it be my sin

Oh Mother

Can't believe that the funeral is over
tears are a waste and I know this is over

Oh no...

This is you fault
for everything that is now so broken

So go
Demons from you eyes
Metal Pointer Rock On