Last Kiss From Avelin - When My Wing Was Broken Because Of You !

Smiling is when you remember me .
because then I really missed you ..
and the cry is when you miss me .
because at that time I was not in my side ..
but close your eyes your beautiful is that,
because then I would feel is near you
because I was in your heart Wherever forever !

Nothing left for me anymore.
besides memories of happy memories with you ..
distinguished by its beautiful eyes I can see the beauty of love .
lovely eyes who used to be mine !
now everything was voluntary leave me ..

life feels empty without beauty .
heart, love and longing is yours ..

say you love me ever freed .
how can I fly to find love the others ..
when my wing was broken because of you .
your love will stay with me until the end of my life and after death,
until the hand of Godwill unite us again ..

Wherever the heart no matter how hooked on the light
in the darkness figure who was myturn on the light dim ,
but not to illuminate and warm my actual feelings ..

I could never find the love reply other than your love .
because they figure unmatched by yourself in my soul ..
you say never be replaced ..
metal fractions as perpetuate, silence, solitude and sadness, now I have lost you
Metal Pointer Rock On