Bleeding Corpse - Human Killing

Over Siege Down Linch Without Suffer
Staying Cry Out Into The Gore
Gale Sicken Hale Into Groundyard
Expressing Become Rotten
To Die For I Lost
To Pray Proof Who You Are
When I Know You
Betrayed Soul
To Die For I See
You Re In My Throat
When I Kill You Bitch
Together In Life And In Death
Ill Be Cuttin With A Knife Ill Put Outside, Intestine
Your Blood, Spurt Out
Be Moisten, In My Face
Intestine, I Hold On - Masticate, Utterly Deffeat
I Remove Body After I Was Eating I Lop Of Head When I Take A Knife Again
With A Plastic
I Wrap Up A Fuckin Corpse
With A Mattock
I Digging Up For Buried A Built
You In My Hands
Will Be Kill You Bitch
Metal Pointer Rock On